About Tilak Joshi

Tilak Joshi is a seasoned product and technology executive with cross-industry experience in startups, case government, clinic and fortune 50 companies. He is currently the VP of Product at American Express where he is responsible for defining the vision, strategy, and roadmap for digital, payments, identity, platform, and international. He is leveraging his platform to transform the 160 year old behemoth into a product-centric organization with rapid delivery and iterative development.

He has a vision for the future and the vigor to achieve it.  He has a proven track-record of building high-performing cross-functional lean teams.  Armed with strong technology roots, an outcome-based mindset, and extreme product focus, he is well-positioned to discover and execute on strong opportunities in environments large and small.

Prior to AmEx, Tilak held leadership roles at PayPal, NASA, and Citi, and launched two companies. He had his path chosen early on with degrees in computer science and finance. In his downtime,Tilak enjoys live music, a few rounds of good scotch, and roaming the world with his beautiful wife.